EVOLUTIONLAW seminars are a little different to other seminars you might attend.

We aim to give students and graduates access to senior lawyers in the legal profession and lawyers who have chosen an alternative career route with their law degree.

We invite speakers from the legal, financial or business world who share with us their journey in the Law and beyond.


Most other seminars (at least the ones we’ve been to!) focus on the topic. Our talks focus on the speaker and their experiences AND you get an opportunity to ask them your burning questions.

The current legal market is disrupted, challenging and fast evolving.  For new entrants into the market seeking a training contract or exciting work experiences it can be a bewildering place.

What are the unspoken conventions?  How do you plan your rise to the top?  What are the latest trends?  What should you watch out for?  What exactly are the pesky ‘challenges’?  Should you be doing more?… and more of what exactly?

We can’t promise you that all of these questions will be answered at any one talk but we are pretty certain that they will give you food for thought and you will leave feeling like you have a little bit more of a ‘handle’ on the changing legal industry and how you can position yourself to get ahead.

We organise these talks as we believe that, now more than ever, the first step in a legal career is really daunting without a roadmap or an example to follow.  We take the view that the more practical knowledge prospective lawyers can gather about their chosen career, the more likely they are to have fulfilling experiences.

Our speakers spoil us with their generosity in sharing the twists and turns of their career journey and we thank them for that. We like our talks to be interactive with a full question time at the end where attendees are encouraged to ask questions about the topic or the speaker’s experiences or views about the legal profession in general.

Our speakers are smart, talented, funny and frank about the challenges of working life. This is quite a rare opportunity.

Our annual programme of talks is carefully thought out to try to cover as many variations of what ‘being a lawyer’ actually looks like and to show you the different ways in which your law degree might lead you into compatible industries. We strongly advise you to come along to as many as possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon.