Whatever the economic climate, your business will face recruitment challenges

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How do you:

  • structure your team efficiently post-lockdown?
  • recruit and manage paralegals remotely in a post-COVID world?
  • ramp up your legal team quickly and cost-effectively?
  • find high calibre temporary resource?
  • quickly take advantage of increased business opportunities?
  • identify talented individuals who will add value to your business?
  • deal with the operational burden of increased financial regulation?
  • control staffing costs in case of any unexpected dips in demand?
  • do all this and keep your CFO happy?

Paralegal support is an effective solution

But it is not always easy to identify really talented paralegals and juniors who have the skills to thrive and add value to your business from Day One.

Searching for them can be time consuming and getting it wrong is often problematic and costly.

That’s where we can help

We provide quality, trained paralegals who can hit the ground running and deliver immediate business efficiencies.

We offer

☑     flexible staffing solutions

☑     trained paralegals and talented lawyers

☑     knowledgeable, efficient, friendly service

☑     a commercial partner who understands and supports your business aims

☑     innovative solutions to manage volume compliance work such as KYC processing


Based on nearly two decades of private practice and in-house legal experience, as well as significant experience of managing paralegals and legal recruitment, we are in a unique position to support our clients and candidates with the recruitment challenges they face.

  • We select only the best possible talent in the market
  • Then we train them the EVOLUTIONLAW way!
  • We have a proven track record in selecting the right people and in building highly efficient teams in the City
  • Our selection process is rigorous – we don’t take everyone

What makes EVOLUTIONLAW different?

It's simple

  • Founded by a lawyer with nearly two decades of experience in law, compliance, recruitment and paralegal management, we really understand our clients' needs
  • We build a close relationship with clients to facilitate faster and better candidate matches
  • We meet and carefully assess all our candidates to determine ‘right fit’ based on substantial experience and judgement
  • We maintain high minimum standards and recruit responsive, responsible candidates!
  • We ensure satisfaction by offering both regular client catch-ups and candidate performance management
  • We harness software for speed and then personally curate candidate short-lists for quality and best-fit

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