Prior to setting foot in our clients' offices, EVOLUTIONLAW ensures that all candidates are trained, at a minimum, in:
shutterstock_156848789 (Training)
  • office 'survive and thrive' skills
  • efficiency and best practices techniques
  • enhanced team working skills
  • strategic thinking


Our wealth of experience in the legal industry, both in practice and in recruitment, has demonstrated time and time again that training is the key to a satisfying experience for both candidates and clients.

From years of managing paralegals for clients, we understand the exigencies of the toughest businesses and what extra skills a paralegal needs to be successful in them.

Where our clients request a managed service solution, we offer our candidates regular tailored catch-up sessions based on client feedback to promote and encourage critical thinking  and offer ongoing guidance on best practices to adopt.

Candidates are also encouraged to attend our ongoing programme of free seminars, which highlight legal and business topics of interest.